Never ask this silly question at the end of job interview

The interview is moving towards its end. You are up to shake hands and take relive from the interviewer and suddenly a last question hit your mind “Did I get it?” Stop there for a while, gulp this question and move out of the room.  


This is a common question that takes place in every persons mind still you shouldn’t be asking this silly question. According to an International business speaker this is a question which in particular you must not ask after any interview.

This is good to show that you are enthusiastic to work with the organization, but asking questions like this give the wrong impression as you are desperate to get the job. Also hiring management may find this question rude.

Almost nobody stays in a position to give a firm and fair answer without finally reviewing the interview section. Your voice tone can make the interviewer feel that you don’t have any respect for the procedure of the interview. Also, they can find you under-confident or over-confident.

Few more questions are there like this as “How did I Do?” Or “What do you think about me?” Or “What are my chances?”

Interview room is not the correct place to ask questions like this. The correct place to ask such questions is when company a contacts you back with their decision.

Also, if you really want to know your chances then try to check for signs that might tell you whether you will get the job or not. You can ask these following questions like “How long will it take you to make your decision?” or “What are the steps to be completed before your company generate any offer?”

You go on for any interview to impress the employer so don’t make any statement that makes them feel you are impatient or immature.




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