Important Tips : How to add your work history to you resume

Hiring a senior level personal is very tough for the hirers and your resume make it easy for them and can even help you to get the best opportunity. But what are the points in your resume that explains you are eligible to be on a higher post. Your work experience is the answer to this. And how will the hirer came to know about your experience?

And the answer is very clear your work history on your Resume will help the hirers to select you from the heap of resumes. Why would your resume be selected? Why they’ll pick you out of a pile of resumes? We are here to make you answerable to this question.

Your work is the only key that will unlock all locks for success. And the only thing we can help you with is how to make it visible to all, use these points to make your resume more impressive in terms of your work history.

  1. Discard the Job description: – You only have to highlight what you do in your work and there is no need to mention the J.D. you only have to mention your job information and all that is adding to that and not what the post was asking you to do.

“Worked as web developer for 2 years” – A big No No…

“Worked with Dreamweaver CS6, flash player and other web-developing software”.- will work

  1. Prove what you are: – Explain what good, better and best in you, that the organization can take advantage from your knowledge.

“Also has worked on Photoshop’s latest version with last 3 fine versions.”

This will add that you are able to work in old and latest software’s too, an additional point to highlight.

  1. Exaggerate results: – A real numeric value always helps to make an impression. So don’t forget to add anything that can b added. With all important proves.

What would give better impression – “Worked for improving the sharing of information.” Or “Shared information to 1.5million personals from 2012 till 2015.”? It’s all about presentation.

  1. Are you capable of PAR? : – a common practice of Problem-Action_ results is required at every organization. The point is, are you capable of this? If you find anything that can fulfill this tact then firstly mention the result through the action of the problem. Make the problem look very small as compare to the actions and the results.

“The target was achieved by using the old version of Dreamweaver for not being able to add any design to the page.”

You achieved the target by applying some action for the problem.

  1. Use easy words and power words: – you were “Responsible for” and “Duties include” are few words that can be used. Also keep the language simple and easy.
  2. Stay Focused: – while writing about our work we always get flown away by our emotions. Always stay focused and make your mind clear. What you want to give the hiring authority and why. Never go with the flow and always stay focused on the next target you are about to hit.
  3. Be Honest: – This is the most common easy as well as difficult thing to do. You always try to be honest with what you have get in your last job , also stay honest if you were not able to give what you were ought to be. Just mention the bad with the good. This can be the only turning point for your life as only a master can point others as well as his own failures.

Try these tips in your resume and make it more attractive and approachable for the hirers to place you on the highest priority list.




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