Resume hints for student and fresher-Resume writing

You must have heard of resume word a thousand times till now and you need to prepare a resume for yourself if you are willing to get a Job. As a fresher you need to know few very important things before starting with your resume. The following are the points to know:-

1 What is a resume?

Resume is the list of all the details one can expect to know about you. And as you are a fresher, without experience yon need to be very clear and positive while selecting words for your resume. As for any fresher a resume is all you have to show your knowledge and extra qualities you have.

2 Why we need it?

How will others be knowing about you without any introduction? A resume is your introduction. It speaks on your behalf and explain all that you even can tell about yourself. This is the only bridge between you and the Hiring management.

3 What information it contains?

This is the last but the most important question. A resume contain many information about you but there are some rules before you start creating a resume. Following are detailed information that a resume contain:-

  1. Header :- You must mention your Identification and contact details this can be written as :

Devika Raghwa (Name)

House No. 11, XYZ city (Permanent Address) (Email Id)

1234567890 (Contact No.)

  1. Objective: – What is your Objective or Goal while you are trying to get connected to an organization.

“I’m willing in an organization where I can learn and can use all my insights to improve my work and provide satisfactory results that can help the organization to raise.”

  1. Education: – Your qualification from 10th till now with your scoring

Matriculation from XYZ board with 89%

12th with non-Medical from ABC Board with 87%

Computer Engg. From LMN University with 78% (A+ grade)

  1. Practical Projects: – A project is all that you have to show, this is the only point that can be considered as your experience. Hence this need to be with proper details and information.

“Creating a shopping website in a working condition using Java++ software with all new and advanced options. The site contains all important and useful sections of online shopping like: – Electronic product section, fashion section containing of other different sub sections for men, women and kids etc. The project got an A++ score.”

  1. Skill: – This is all about what you know that is extra from the usual academic qualification that can be useful for the organization.

Extra certification in .Net, Adobe and Illustrator software.

  1. Interests: – This can’t be cricket or music but all that can be useful for the organization. Make it more likely to be like: – “I am an active runner and an athlete and a member of some sports academy or club.”
  2. Extra Details: – Mention your extra information as

Fathers Name:-

Mothers Name:-

Marital status:-


Date of Birth:-

Alternate Address:-

  1. Reference: – It’s not about the consultancy or placement address but someone who can be inquired by you.

Mr. A.B.Singh Working as Engg. At XYZ organization. (0987654321).

  1. Declaration: – This is an important part of the resume. The declaration can be as:

“I hereby declare that all the above mentioned information are correct up to my information. I hold all the documentary proves to justify my words.”

Signature: – Name


Note: – 1. You must use bullet to highlight and special thought.

  1. Make sure the resume is not more than 2 pages.
  2. Also create a PDF fine with a document file of the resume and give an appropriate name to the file – “Devika_resume_MBA_fresher.doc”
  3. Recheck the resume and also take advice of any third person for error corrections.





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