What to do – to impress your boss – for getting a promotion

Have you been working with full dedication and still are not getting any promotion? Do you think that your boss has forgotten you and your promotion? Then this the time to make your boss realize what he is missing till this time. To make your boss realize this you don’t have to leave your work but you just have to make your boss realize this.

Follow these steps and remind your boss about what you are for the organization so that he can consider your importance and give what you deserve.

  1. Plan before asking: – ever step in any battle field without planning can be dangerous. A battle is always to get what is yours so is your promotion and increment. Do some homework before talking to your boss regarding your promotion. Collect all the facts and all you have done with proper proof. Your achievements can only help you to beat your boss.
  2. What is your target: – Before approaching your boss keep in mind what you want an increment, a promotion or both. A promotion to what position is also important so also do some work to get an idea for what position you want to be promoted on to.
  3. When is the correct time: – Most of the time we miss the opportunity because we don’t know when to hit the bull’s eye. Always stay active and make sure that you don’t miss any opportunity. If you have anything to get credit of add your desires too with this opportunity.
  4. Do have a rapport: – Reputation is very important and if you have a great rapport then you are in the eligible list for promotion. This doesn’t matter your boss know all about you but your manager must know what your capabilities are and then try to convince the above level before hitting the final goal.
  5. Set for a meeting: – Now is the time when you must meet the boss for your desired wish to get fulfill. Take all you have collect and then approach for the desired promotion. You need to be very practical and outstanding to convince your boss. You can do all that you want but never expect any positive result.
  6. Never raise expectations:- Expectations can even hurt you so never raise any expectations and what you will get without expectation would be more fruitful from what you thing you deserve.
  7. Never to do:- Even if the result is not satisfying never state any nonsense about boss or the organization. This will only affect your reputation and won’t help you out.

There can be many circumstances when you will get disappointed but falling for this won’t help you so  stay positive and try something more productive next time.




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